Teen Follow-Up and Discipleship

I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD. Ezekiel 34:15

The shepherd is not satisfied until the sheep are both nourished and settled.  A vital part of growing a healthy teen ministry is to follow up with every teen and to disciple as many teens as possible in your youth ministry.

 The Vision

  • To Ensure that Follow-Up is done with Every Teen (Leader’s Responsibility)
  • To Endeavor to provide Discipleship to Every Teen (Learner’s Responsibility)

The Follow-Up Plan

  • Create a Teen Ministry Email for a shared, safe and accountable contact
  • Create a Teen Ministry Social Media accounts
  • Obtain Current Members and Visitor information on Registration Cards
    • Today’s Date, Name, Address, Cell Phone, Email, Guardian names and phone numbers
    • Birthdays are good to track for members but its creepy for visitors
  • Develop a Follow-Up Strategy
    • Visitor letter to be sent out by Tuesday
    • Personal visit to be done by Saturday
    • Decide how many follow up letters and visits to do
  • Create Standard Follow-Up letters for all visitors
    • Prospect Visitors
    • Out of Town Visitors
    • Other Church Visitors
  • Make Personal Visits
  • Track Visitor Contacts
  • Connect on Social Media
  • Connect current teen members with new visitors and prospects

The Discipleship Plan

  • To Disciple is to train in the Disciplines of a System
  • The level of discipleship is determined by the Desire of the Student
  • Biblical Discipleship is the deliberate transfer of knowledge and training in the ways of Christian living

Corporate Discipleship

  • Jesus discipled the Twelve both together and individually
  • Active church participation is Irreplaceable for any Christian to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Healthy sheep are always in the heard!
  • There is the “Follow Me” discipleship of being a consistent Spiritual leader
  • There is the “Serve with Me” discipleship which provides multiple opportunities for both group and individual development
  • Have an high level overview of what doctrines and truths you will both teach, train and model to them in the time they are in your youth ministry

Individual Discipleship

  • Daily devotions are Indispensable for a Christian to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Dynamic daily devotions of prayer and bible Study go way beyond just checking off chapters and saying obligatory prayers!
  • Teach and Train teens on how to have a Powerful Prayer life and a Bountiful Bible Time
  • Provide Teen Devotional materials like the Play Book
  • Look for Teachable Moments to impart Truth and Life Lessons
  • Be prepared to Mentor and Disciple those who seek to grow to higher levels also be aware that Higher Levels bring Bigger Devils
  • Personal discipleship is an investment of Time and Resources
  • Personal and direct communication is vital to fostering an atmosphere of discipleship

Robert Pophal
Senior Pastor | Rose Park Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan