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Peep Wars

Objective: Be the first team to knock the other teams peeps off. Items needed 1 box of peeps 1 table How to Play:  There are two rows of peeps in each box. Each team gets a row. Take four of the five peeps in each row and line them up on the edge of the…

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Noodles and Meatballs

Objective Be the first team to transport the ball back to the starting line while keeping the ball between two noodles. Items Needed 4 Swimming Noodles Per Team 2 Ball How to Play:  This game involves two players at a time, per team. Both players will hold a noodle and will need to place the ball between…

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Sharing Cents

Objective: Roll the quarter on the floor and into the cup. Items Needed: 1 Quarter Per Team 1 Cup Per Team How to Play:  Lay the cup on its side with the opening facing the line of the players. Place the cup 5 feet away from the players. On the signal, the first person in line…

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The Human Christmas Tree

OBJECTIVE: To create the best human Christmas tree. ITEMS NEEDED: Streamer or ribbon, Christmas ornaments, and various other Christmas tree decorations. NOTE- there should be the equal amount and type of ornaments for both teams.   HOW TO PLAY: To play this game start by choosing four contestants. Divide the contestants into two teams. One…

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Stack the Dishes

Items Needed 4 Paper Plates Per Team 5 Cups Per Team 1 Small Table Per Team Objectives Be the first to stack all your cups while placing a plate between each cup Instructions On the signal, the player will run to their table and begin by standing one cup up. Then they place a plate…

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Water Blow-out

Objective: Be the person that stays dry Items Needed: Clear plastic tubing water skittles How to Play: You will need to contestants, probably best if they are similar in age. Give each contestant an end of the plastic tubing. Next put about eight to twelve oz of water in the tube. Enough water so that…

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Ping Pong Bounce

OBJECTIVE: The object of the game is for the two contestants that are standing to bounce the ping pong ball into their partners cup. ITEMS REQUIRED: Two plastic cups two ping pong balls 2 rubber band (be sure to get large sized rubber bands) a table and two chairs HOW TO PLAY: First, place the…

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