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Water Blow-out

Objective: Be the person that stays dry Items Needed: Clear plastic tubing water skittles How to Play: You will need to contestants, probably best if they are similar in age. Give each contestant an end of the plastic tubing. Next put about eight to twelve oz of water in the tube. Enough water so that…

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Doughnut Fishing

Objective: Be the first contestant to finish eating the doughnut. Items Needed: Doughnuts normal sized Yarn or String Broom handles/ sticks two chairs ¬†How to Play: For this game you will need two teams of two contestants each. Have one contestant for each team sit in a chair facing the crowd. The other contestant on…

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Starburst Stack

Objective: Be the first to stack five starbursts on the end of your popsicle stick. Items Needed: Starbursts Popsicle sticks HOW TO PLAY: This game works well with four contestants to a table. Have the contestants put one end of the Popsicle stick in their mouth. On the other end, have them put one starburst…

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Ping Pong Bounce

OBJECTIVE: The object of the game is for the two contestants that are standing to bounce the ping pong ball into their partners cup. ITEMS REQUIRED: Two plastic cups two ping pong balls 2 rubber band (be sure to get large sized rubber bands) a table and two chairs HOW TO PLAY: First, place the…

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Whipped Marshmallow

Objective: Whipped Marshmallow is fun game if you like marshmallows and whip cream. The object of this game is to find a mini-marshmallow in a pile of whip cream- with your mouth. That’s right no hands allowed! Items Needed: Whip cream Marshmallows Paper plates Trash bags Crazy contestants!!! How to Play Take a paper plate…

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