Tackling the Troubles that Target Timothys- CASH

1 Timothy 6:10- “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the  faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

After a long day of work, a man went home to his wife and young daughter. “Have you got a kiss for your Father?” he asked. “No” answered his child. “I’m ashamed of you!” he joked. “Your daddy worked hard all day to make money just for you and this is how you thank me. Come on, how about my kiss?” Looking him right in the eye, she answered, “How about my money?”

Without even mentioning names no doubt the reading of this verse brings to your mind and memory names and faces of those who started faithful, fundamental and fruitful but ended up flip-flopping or falling out due to finances. Our world today is driven by dollars. One man stated, “It’s dangerous when your yearning capacity becomes greater than your earning capacity!”

When I first entered the ministry on a full-time basis I left laying on my desk a contract to teach history coursed in a local high school. The pay for the position started at over $30,000 a year plus full benefits to boot. I had been teaching in a different previously and received good pay and benefits there as well. When the Lord began to move in my heart and without a doubt was leading me  into evangelism it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to my current paychecks or the prospect of a better paying job, but I knew God was directing my steps and I’m happy in his will!

Today as I travel across our country and speak with young preachers and young Christians for that matter, I have found a troubling trend. Rarely do I find a young Christian today that either has already or is willing to surrender to full-time Christian service. Many have good aspirations as far as secular jobs are concerned, but I fear many believers that God could do great things with miss the boat just to make a buck. The hungering for money that consumes many Christians has no doubt led to the spiritual starvation of multitudes of sinners! I heard the story of a man named Ralph who had fallen into hard times. His bank account was depleted. A friend tried to admonish Ralph to work for a living. His friend said, “Ralph replied, “I am. I’m wringing them both!” It should never be the Christian who is wringing their hands over the prospect of insufficient provision. God always provides for his people! Charles Spurgeon recounted a childhood memory of hid grandfather’s need of a new milk cow following the death of their previous cow.

“My grandmother asked, ‘What will you do now?’ My grandfather replied, ‘I cannot tell what we shall do, but I know what God will do. God will provide for us. We must have milk for the children.’ The next morning there came 20 pounds for him. He had never made application to the fund for the relief of ministries, but on that day there was 5 pounds left when they had divided the money, and one said, ‘There is poor Mr. Spurgeon down there in Essex; suppose we sent it to him.’ The chairman said , ‘We had better make it 10 pounds, and I will give 5 pounds.’ Another 5 pounds was offered by another member, if a matching amount could be raised to make it up to 20 pounds; which was done. They knew nothing about my grandfather’s c0w, but God did and there was the new cow for him.”

For the Timothy, a truth that must be continually on your heart and in your head is that your reward in Heaven will far surpass any thing you might have attained on earth. For the faithful servant of God, on the streets of Glory, there will be no regrets, remorse, or reconsiderations about a life of service; it pays to serve God! Outside of the future and spiritual blessings of being used of God I’ll testify and say that in our four years of traveling in evangelism my wife and I have never missed a meal, never lacked for nice clothing, never slept under a bridge, we have a nice home, drive a nice car, and are able to enjoy our life together. Our needs are met and more often than not, our wants are supplied! What you might seemingly give up for God will be replaced a million times over by God!

Don’t let the world’s financial fanaticism blur your focus. Young preacher, you don’t need the newest stereo, television, rifle, wrist watch, or muscle car. Live within your means. Trust God, have faith in God, wait upon God, your needs will be met in every way! You’re storing up treasures in Heaven! Don’t cave in to the cash craze!



Evangelist| Dr. Justin Cooper

Clays Mill Baptist Church| (859)-277-6811