Suicide Is Not The Answer

Acts 2:26 “Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope:”

Suicide is not the answer. Let me say it again, suicide is NEVER the answer!
Just because it needs repeated: SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! Are we
clear? Do we need to say it again? Good, let’s move on then. The awful truth is
that life is full of heartaches and pain. Those pains are very real and they hurt,
and they put a huge knot in your stomach and a heavy weight on your heart. But
in all of life’s pain and tragedy, suicide is never the answer, and here is why:
Suicide Is Not the Answer Because It Insults God. How dare we insult
God to say that our problems are so big and God is so small that He cannot help.
Imagine if you were a tiny spec of dirt, no bigger than a period on this page.
Then imagine that spec of dirt being full of living people. How big and powerful
are you compared to anyone living on that spec? Now multiply that by a million,
and you will begin to understand just how big God is and just how small we are.
There is nothing too hard for God, even your worst problems.
Suicide is Not the Answer Because It is Selfish Suicide is one of the
most selfish things anyone can do. Those who choose this path leave behind
them a wake of destruction and grief far greater than their original problem. The
pain is real, but the pain of suicide to those who love you is far greater. Most of
life’s issues work themselves out, but death is permanent.
Suicide is Not the Answer Because it is of the devil. Satan is a liar and
a destroyer. God gave you your precious life and Satan wants to destroy your
life, your influence, and your testimony. Those who commit suicide are rarely
remembered for anything other than their suicide. Remember, suicide is NOT
the answer.

-Bro. Robert Pophal

Rose Park Baptist Church

Holland, Michigan