Stormy Decisions

       Sometimes it seems storms pop up out of nowhere, unexpectedly leaving us seemingly unprepared. I’m thinking about three particular storms recorded in the Bible and three men who made decisions while in those storms. I helped a man in our church replace his roof. I’ve replaced enough roofs in my day to know you can never trust the weather channel. I’ve learned to always leave a roof in a way that it is buttoned up because you don’t want to be on a roof in the driving rain trying to put down a tarp. Well, sure enough, on day two, a storm came up out of nowhere. The roof held for the most part with the exception of one small leak in the kitchen. The owner decided to go out in the storm alone to try and place a tarp over his roof. His efforts ended with him rolling off of his roof into the hedges below. Sometimes it is hard to make wise decisions during the storm. We see Jonah recognizing the storm was sent from God to correct his attitude toward God’s leading in his life Jon.1:12. We see Peter making the decision to step out by faith and trust God in the storm Mt.14:29. Lastly we see Paul leading and directing people who wouldn’t listen to him in the absence of the storm Acts 27:21. If there is a consistent theme in all of these situations; it is God’s power and presence. God is the same before, during, and after the storm. God in the storm is God of the storm. Many times poor decisions are made during the storm because of misplaced values. If the storm is there to teach us, like Jonah, to trust and obey God or like in Acts to prioritize what matters, or to simply draw us closer to our Savior as in Peter’s case; we can be sure the God in the storm is the God of the storm. Acts 27:44, Mat.14:32-33, Jonah 1:15. Consistently we see when God’s plan is accomplished in the storm, the storm ceases; revealing the true power behind be the storm.No matter what storm you are facing, you can trust God in the storm because He is God of the storm. Simply trust God– 

Tim Tullos | YP
Patuxent Baptist Church
Great Mills, MD