Sticky Icky


Roll the ping pong ball and make it stick to the tape on the floor.

Items Needed

10 Ping Pong Balls Per Team

1 Strip of Painter’s Tape Per Team (2 feet. of tape)


How to Play

You will need to take the 2 feet of tape per team and fold 1 inch of the outsides under with sticky side out. Take those folded edges and place the tape on the ground. Again, keep the tape sticky side up while it’s on the floor.

On the signal, the player will roll their ping pong ball towards the tape. Each ball that sticks to the tape counts for ta point. If the ball is knocked off the tape it no longer counts. For each ball that doesn’t sick, you will need to pass them back to the next person in line.

Play the game until the time expires. The team with the most balls on their tape wins!