Spurgeon’s Letter To An Unsaved Boy

Knowing in some humble measure, at least, the value of religion, let me also bring it before your attention. If you give yourself time to think, you will soon remember that you must die; and if you meditate one more moment, you will recollect that you have a soul, and that soul will never die, but will live for ever; and if you die in your present state, it must live in endless torment.

You are an accountable being; God, who made you , demands perfect obedience. But you must own that you have sinned; say not, ‘I am not a great sinner,’ for one sin only would be sufficient to sink your soul for ever in the pit of perdition. The sentence of death stands against you, and mercy alone stays its execution. Seeing not that you will not be content to die as you are, for you will one day find it no light matter to endure the hot displeasure of an angry God . DO you imagine that, if you live better for the future, God will forgive your past offences? That is a mistake; see if you can find it in the Bible.

Perhaps you intend to think about religion after you have enjoyed sin a little longer; or possibly you think that you are too young to die. But who knows whether that future time will be afforded, and who said that you can turn to Christ just when you please? Your heart is deceitful above all things, and your natural depravity so great that you will not turn to God. Trust not, then, to resolutions made in your own strength, they are but wind; nor to yourself, who are but a broken reed; nor to your own heart. or you are a fool. There is no way of salvation but Christ; you cannot save save yourself, having no power even to think one good thought; neither can your parents love and prayers save you; none but Jesus can, He is the Savior of the helpless, and I tell you that He died for all such as fell theirs vileness and come to Him for cleansing.

You do not deserve salvation; well, there is not a jot or merit on the sinner’s part mentioned in the covenant. You have nothing; you are nothing; but Christ is all, and He must be everything to you, or you will never be saved. None reach Heaven but by free-grace, and through free-grace alone. Even a faint desire after any good thing came from God, from whom you must get more, for He giveth liberally, and no poor sinner ever yet sent empty away.

Look at the blessedness of real religion, no one is truly happy but the child of God. The believer is safe, for God has promised to preserve him; and if once you have  the pearl of great price, it cannot be taken from you. The way to Heaven is faith, ‘Looking unto Jesus’ This faith is the gift of God, and none of those who have it know its value. Oh may you possess it!! is the earnest prayer of —

Yours Faithfully,

Charles H. Spurgeon

Young person today is the day of salvation! Don’t put off your salvation because it would be embarrassing to you in front of all your friends. If they are true friends they will rejoice with you. I adjure you get it settled today! If you are reading this and you are saved, then pray for someone you know who is not. Write that person a note saying you are praying for them. Spurgeon signed this note “—-is the earnest prayer—-“. This was signifying that he was in constant earnest prayer for that young man to receive Christ as his Savior. Who is it that needs your prayers today?