Be the last man standing

Items Needed:

Oped space, Ball

How To Play:

This game is AMAZING because any amount of people can play at the same time. Each player is given a number. Once each person has their number (from 1 – however many are playing), the players come to the center of your playing area and form a circle. The youth leader then throws the ball in the air and yells out a number. As soon as he throws the ball all the players take off running as far as they can. Everyone stops when the player whose number was called catches the ball and YELLS “SPUD”. Once the player has the ball, yelled “spud”, and everyone has stopped where they are, then the player with the “spud”tries to hit another player with the ball(spud).The spud thrower is allowed to take only three steps\strides\etc., but no more than three. Once he has taken his three strides, he must then throw or roll the ball at another player. The contestants who are standing there are not allowed to move their feet or they are automatically out. If they are hit they are out. If they catch the thrown ball they are out. If the spud thrower does not hit anyone with his one throw, then he is out. Once this has occurred and someone is out then all the contestants go back to the circle. Once everyone is back in, the previous spud thrower gets to throw the ball into the air and yell out a number.