Score the most points by placing the most jelly beans in your bowl

Items needed:

Jellybeans, Bowls, Spoons, Tables

How To Play:

The contestants are given a spoon each. They then are started by a table, on which rests a bowl for each contestant (Probably up to four people). The objective of the game is for players to get as many jelly beans as they can into the bowl on the other side of the room which is on another table, but they must have the spoons in their mouths. They only can pick up the jelly beans with the spoon. They have 30 sec to a 1 min 30 sec to complete (You go however long you would like). Player with the most wins. The Trick Is Though…they can only carry one jelly bean at a time.

*** Another twist you could do is, have them start the same way with a bowl of jellybeans and a spoon and they must run to the other side to place the jelly beans into a cup, but a cup for each color (For instance player one has a black jellybean in his spoon he must then take that spoon and drop it in a cup. That cup now becomes the black jelly bean cup. Only black jelly beans can go in that cup. If there is another color jelly bean in that cup when the time is up that jelly bean does not count towards the total.***