Spiritual eclipse

John 8:12a “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world:”

Perhaps I have always been a little confused by this. First, we read that Jesus is the light, then we read that we are the light. But you see Jesus is “THE” Light, and we are the reflection and shining of that light, a lesser light. We understand that in our solar system the sun is the center, and everything else revolves around it. We, here on earth, are dependent upon it in every way. It is our heat and light. Not only when it is in our view, but also at night when we cannot see it.

During the day, we receive our light from the sun with its brilliance and power. And at night we receive a lesser light from the moon; it is not as brilliant or powerful, but it provides a light in the darkest hour. The moon, in fact, is not a self-sufficient light, but rather a reflection of one that is, being the sun. So really the sun provides us light 24/7 and the moon just helps out.
Yet every so often, there is a thing called a Solar Eclipse. This happens every year, once a year. The moon positions itself between the Earth and the Sun. Blocking the light of the Sun from shining on the world, eclipsing the light, creating a solar eclipse.

This is a perfect illustration of what we as Christians should and should not be. God is the “sun”, the center of it all, the One who is responsible for all we see, the One who which all depend on for guidance and direction. We as His children and followers are to be as the moon, a reflection of the greater light. We must become reflections, not eclipses; not hogging all the light for ourselves and in turn, hindering others from seeing. We are in a dark world filled with sin and corruption, they need “THE” Light, we are to be a light, reflecting the SON in the dark hearts of the world. Are you a spiritual moon? OR Are you a spiritual eclipse?

William Davis

Youth Pastor | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church