Even those with only a causal knowledge of “AMERICA’S FAVORITE¬†PASTIME”, know the larger than life, hitter’s name, “Babe” Ruth. He once said, “Every strike brings me closer to the next homerun.” The wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, knew this, centuries before Mr. Ruth ever put on his Baseball cleats. Winners in the sports arena and in the spiritual arena have both learned the profound truth,… “A strike out doesn’t always mean the game is lost!” There are 3 Bible truths that should inspire the SAVED young person to pick up their bat and go back to the plate AGAIN!
What a thrilling Bible truth, I’m forgiven, TODAY, TOMORROW and THROUGHOUT THE CEASELESS AGES OF ETERNITY! So, child of God, you have sinned, ask the God of mercy and multiple chances to pardon you and GO BACK TO THE PLATE! FORGIVENESS MEANS, I CAN HIT AGAIN!
If my confidence rest and relies on God, His inspired and persevered Bible and His being in my “dugout”, I can go to the plate, after a string of major strike outs, and swing for the “fence” once more! Ask any baseball player and he will tell you, as long as you’re in the “line up”, YOU could very well be the player that drives in the game winning run! FAITH MEANS, I CAN HIT AGAIN!
Sometimes the other players (those in your youth group) the opposing team (those unsaved young people in public school or in the neighborhood) and fans in the stands ( those in your church or even family) may question what you are going to do, when you approach the plate, but just remember, I may not hit this time,…BUT IF I REFUSE NEVER TO QUIT, THERE WILL BE ONE TIME MY FOOT HITS THE FIRST BASE BAG! Never forget,…those who keep swinging, have the “LAW OF AVERAGES” behind them! FORTITUDE MEANS, I CAN HIT AGAIN!

-Evangelist John Hamblin