Snow Tubing

The Activity:

Snow tubing is a fun activity to do during the winter months. Some of you are privileged to have snow of your own and can actually do this activity in the back yard of a church member or of a local park.

But for the rest of us, snow tubing is an easy, and fun way to enjoy the cold weather.

Many of the snow tubing facilities also have snow boarding, skiing and even ice skating rinks as well.

The Materials:

You would need to take a van or bus and would need to secure a discounted price with your local slopes. If you do it yourself in a backyard, you will just need to secure some tubes and big hill…

For the rest of us that have to borrow hills, tubes and snow… here is how it goes!

You can call around and usually find a place within a few hours away. The price is about $25 a person. If you are able to go during a non-holiday or weekend day it is usually even less expensive. It is a fun day and enjoyable for everybody. Teens can pack a lunch, plan to grab lunch at a local fast food restaurant or go to the lodge.

The Benefits:

Snow tubing is a great activity because it gives a lot of time to enjoy each other’s company while doing something fun. We go every year to Perfect North Slopes. Our teenagers always enjoy it!  I always give a devotion about the snow. Everything about this activity is great. The singing, laughing, and devotional on the bus ride with the fun on the slopes makes this activity a favorite among our teenagers.

William Davis

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church