Slip-n-slide Kickball

Slip-n-slide Kickball! Yes it is as epic of an activity as it sounds! I have done this activity with our teens three times now. It is always an exciting activity and usually the kids want to do it again within a few weeks. It is just a regular game of kickball with 3 outs and two teams. The twist is the bases are kiddy pools and each base line is plastic runners. The teens will kick the ball and then they have to run on the plastic to reach base. Sounds easy right? Except the plastic will be covered with baby shampoo! It is a blast watching your teens try and make it to base! Normally I do throw outs to add to the excitement of them making it to base and depending on how many teens you have at the activity, I make the boys kick with their left foot (or non-dominate foot).
During the activity it’s good to have a cooler of water and freeze pops for a break half way through.
At the end of the activity I usually will remove first base have a contest who can slide the farthest between the teens! Have a small prize for the first place girl and guy.
*Make sure that all teens wear dark, loose-fitting clothes*
The Material:
       1. 4 Kiddy Pools
        • You can get them at Dollar General $10 each
        • Good size is 2-2.5ft High x 5-6 ft across
      2. 4-5ft x 50ft plastic runners
        • You can purchase these at Lowes. I purchased two 4x100ft plastic runners and just cut them in half.
      3. Baby Shampoo
        • You can buy Baby Shampoo at the dollar store for $1 each
        • I would suggest at least 10 per activity
        * You can use dawn dish soap or any other soap. The baby shampoo is just made not to burn your eyes and works well in my experience. It is up to what you want to use*
      4. Kickball
      52 garden hoses 
         • Usually it is best to keep one at 1st base and the other inbetween home and 3rd base.
         • 1st and 2nd base are usually the bases that will need refilled the most!
Overall the price for the materials for this activity run around $70. And once you purchase the plastic and pools you can store them for next time! So only will need to purchase baby shampoo each time.
The Benefits:
This activity is a great way for your teens to enjoy an activity together involving water and still be Christ honoring in our appearance and actions! They get to work together and compete against the other team. During the break is a good time to give your teens a devotion. Overall it’s a time when you, as the leader, can let go and have a blast right along with your teens!
John Ross
Youth pastor| Madison Baptist Church
Madison, Alabama