Simon Peter’s Rooster

Luke 22:60 “And Peter said, Man, I know not what thou sayest. And immediately, while he yet spake, the cock crew.”

Christ has just been taken from His disciples, and now faces the wicked High Priest. Meanwhile, Peter, one of Christ’s disciples, stands outside away from the Lord shamefaced. He goes undercover to warm his hands at the world’s bonfire. People begin to get a look at him and recognize who he is. It was Peter, a disciple of Jesus! The same disciple who, a little earlier, was ready to charge Hell with a half empty squirt gun! They begin to point out that he is a “Jesus Follower”, but he lies and says he doesn’t know who this Jesus is. If that wasn’t enough, he began to sware and curse trying to prove that he wasn’t a Christian. As the last profanity rolled off his lips, the rooster crowed. It was at this time that he remembered what Christ had told him, how that before the rooster gave off the mornings cocka-doodle-doo, he would deny Him three times. He was broken as he realized what he had done; this simple signal of a rooster brought a grown man to tears. The rooster brought a message of the Power of God.

1.Brought Peter Back- He remembered who he was, a disciple, a bus worker, a Christian school student, a Sunday School teacher, a child of God.

2. Brought Peter Low- He remembered what he’d done. He denied Christ, he hung out with worldly friends and told dirty jokes to fit in, and made fun of authority so others didn’t think he actually wanted to do right away from church.

3. Broke Peter’s Pride- He remembered where he should be. He went to be with friends at a place he knew he shouldn’t, so he could be in with the “cool crowd”. He was to be in church near Christ, not at a friend’s house, movie house, or the waffle house.

What about you? Can you hear that rooster crowing? He is raising his voice for repentance. Are you faking Christianity? Do you have a consistent walk with God? Are you wrapped up with the boyfriend/girlfriend idea? When was the last time you shared the Gospel?
If you are not where you need to be with God, come back. If you are bent low in sin or worldliness, come up. If you have hit bottom, God’s power can restore.

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church