Shining On Your Worst Day

2 Corinthians 12:9b “ strength is made perfect in weakness…”

You get up. The blow dryer quits. You forget your gym bag at school (with your make-up in it) and you are already running late. You went to bed with a heavy heart because there was “girl drama” at school yesterday. You read your Bible, but, you are human, and this is just one of those days that you don’t want to be near people. Then you remember you are supposed to run the Pee Wee Club tonight because the teacher is sick. Oh, and your youth pastor asked you to bake some cookies for the activity tonight. You get called as reminder that you have nursery on Sunday. STOP!!! -All you can think is – “I am just gonna quit. I am not Superwoman!” The tears come and you feel you just don’t have the strength. You are exactly where God wants you! This is a great verse because it doesn’t just tell us to be strong; it embraces our weakness. God says that “His strength is made perfect in our weakness.” So you see, the Lord doesn’t want US to be strong, He wants us to make HIM our Strength!! Then what do I do? First, acknowledge to God that you do not have the strength to do all of these things that you need to do. Then ask God to give you HIS strength. He knows you don’t have the time or the physical strength to accomplish everything IF YOU try to figure it out, BUT HE also knows that if you will keep moving forward, keep moving through the tired, keep asking Him for strength for the next thing that you will have accomplished what He wanted in the first place – to make HIS strength perfect in your weakness. What do you do to keep yourself encouraged? If you are doing these things for HIM, then even on your worst day, you keep going for one simple reason – IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM! He is worthy!”

Mrs. Alesha Seay | Pastor’s Wife

Frederick Baptist Church | MD