Sharp Friends

Pr.27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”
        A phrase comes to mind when I read this verse. “Water seeks its own level”. When I grew up my whole family worked in the building trades: house framers, trim carpenters, cabinet builders etc. As I got old enough to work, these are the men that I worked for and influenced my life and helped mold the way that I looked at work and the working man. During high school, I worked for my uncle, the home builder. We did everything from the ground up and subcontracted very little to others. One of the tools that we used that was very effective and is seemingly obsolete today is the water level. The water level was a clear plastic 1/2 inch tube about 80 feet long almost full of water with a removable cap on each end. We would lay out the footprint of the house that we were going to build and drive a stake in the ground where the corners were to be formed. Then we would get the water level out and unroll it from corner to corner. With a man on each end of the tube we would hold the ends close to where we imagined that the concrete would be at the corner stake and  remove the caps of the water level.  Once the caps were removed the water inside the tube would move back and forth until the level at the ends were the same. The water level in the tube would adjust itself until it was level. Clear as mud right!?! Picture a bucket half full of water. Tilt the bucket however you want but the water will seek to stay level. The Bible precept here is that you will be like who you hang around. In the margin of my wide margin King James Bible I have written next to this verse:  “have friends on purpose with a purpose”. “Have: saved, prudent, parent honoring, soul winning, obedient, church going, praying, Jesus loving, Bible studying, separated, sanctified… friends”. Have friends with the qualities that you desire because you will have the same qualities as your friends.

Tim Tullos | YP
Patuxent Baptist Church
Great Mills, MD