Seven In Seven


Beat the other team by guessing the seven items in seven seconds


Stop watch, list of things to ask questions about
This is an easy game to play. Get two teams of five that play head-to-head. You announce a category then immediately start a timer of seven seconds. The first team to name seven items is the winner. Then switch out the teams and play again. For instance the youth pastor announces the category as cereals, then starts the timer. The teams compete by trying to name seven cereals. Whichever team names seven cereals first is the winner.
Categories to ask:
  1. Cereals
  2. Football teams
  3. Men of the Bible
  4. Women of the Bible
  5. Minor Prophets
  6. Car Makers
  7. Colors
  8. Princesses
  9. Kings of the Bible
  10. Mascots