Set Your Affections

    Many Christian young people go day after day without ever growing, without experiencing any victory, and without true joy, because they’ve never learned to “Set their affections.” Most people idle through the Christian life, never knowing the true joys and experiencing sweet fellowship with their Saviour. Proverbs 19:15 tells us that “An idle soul shall suffer hunger.”The problem with most people is that they never take control of their affections. Instead of bringing into captivity, under the rule of God’s Word, they allow their hearts, those around them, and the celebrities of the day to dictate their affections.

       As you read through this passage I want you to notice two things about the word “If”. First, you can’t expect blessings and joy from God, if you aren’t saved. Second, it is expected of saved people to seek those things above. Before we go any further, we must define two words. The word “Set” is defined as “To put or place in it’s proper or natural posture.” The word “Affection” is defined as “A bend of mind towards a particular object.” So, how do I “Set my affections?” I set them by mortifying my flesh or dying daily, replacing the bad with the good, allowing righteousness to rule and reign in my life, and striving to glorifying God.

       Now, we must ask ourselves, what do we set our affections on? The answer is twofold; first, His word. God’s Word is that rule and guide for our life, it is and should be the final authority for every decision that you make in life. Secondly, His Will. God’s will and ways, we will not always understand, but it is something that we must desire above all.  Take the encouragement of Paul, “Set your affections on things above,” and don’t idle through this life. God has a plan; He has a purpose for you, but you’ll never achieve it if you don’t learn to set your affections.



Keith Williams | Assistant Pastor

Gateway Baptist Church

Clinton, Illinois