Guess the Song Title


  • Google Translate, Hymn Lyrics

How to Play:

Find lyrics to famous hymns. Next, using google translate, translate the lyrics from English to another language. After you have done that take the words from the foreign language and translate them into another foreign language. Continue translating into new languages until you think its good. Once you have reached the last language, translate the words from that language back to English and see just how messed up the lyrics got.

Here is an example…

I took the lyrics to AMAZING GRACE and translated it from English to Turkish, then from Turkish to Hindi, then from Hindi to Scottish Gaelic, then from Scottish Gaelic to English and here is what it came up with.

Amazing Grace – The elegance of the sound is amazing. He saved a campaign like mine. I was lost once, but now i have it, I used to be blind but now I see it.

Pretty tough to guess that is Amazing Grace. If i did not stop at Scottish and kept translating into another language and then English it would change again. ie after Scottish I translated it into Lao, then from Lao I translated it into English. Here are the results…

The majesty of a kind-hearted mind saved me, I used to lose one, but no I do not, I used to be an eyecatcher.

THAT’S TOTALLY different! So the more you translate the more confused it will get. Have fun and start translating!!!