Saving Yourself for Marriage

Marriage is not always something that teenagers think about, but maybe it should be. Outside of the decision to trust Christ as your Saviour, the decision of who you marry is the most important. God designed the institution of marriage to be one of great commitment and great intimacy. God designed marriage to be one man, for one woman, for life. God used marriage to picture the relationship between Christ and the church. A pure, wholesome, godly marriage is still important to God. If so, then a pure, wholesome, godly life and courtship are also important to God.

We live in a very immoral society, and teenagers face a multitude of temptations to lose their purity and virginity. The world has promoted promiscuity and has sought to capitalize on the lusts of man. Satan has sought to make immorality the norm and fornication accepted, but God has not changed His opinion on either. They are both still sin. Regardless of how accepted or how popular our culture makes immorality, it does not change the fact that you must sacrifice the greatest gift that you can give to your future mate, and that is your innocence and purity.

Now more than ever, if a young person is going to go to the wedding altar pure and virgin, they will have to do so by God’s grace and with great personal dedication and resolve. Determine today to keep yourself pure and clean until you reach the wedding altar. Your future mate will thank you a thousand times over as you get to enjoy the intimacy of marriage the way God intended, after you get married.

Pastor Dennis Morrello

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Huntington, WV