Safe and Still

While watching an energetic toddler in the nursery one day I realized an important life changing discovery. The toddler was trying everything to avoid sitting still or else because he knew it would cause him to take a nap if he was still for a while. So I sat him on my lap and quickly he fell fast asleep.

Early in my own spiritual life, I resembled that young toddler’s desire to remain active. Being busy made me feel in control, important, and accepted. The noise of busyness distracted me from being worried about my shortcomings and problems. Admitting defeat to rest only solidified my frail humanity. So I avoided being still and silent, doubting the Lord could handle things without my help.

But God is our refuge, no matter how many troubles surround us. The path ahead may seem overwhelming, but His love surrounds us. He hears, answers, and stays with us as His children.

We can embrace the quiet and rest safely in the unfailing love of God. We can be still, because we are safe under the refuge of God’s faithfulness.

Mrs. Natasha Davis | YP’s Wife

Clays Mill Baptist Church