Rock Paper Scissors Showdown


be the last man standing


People with hands
This game is one of the easiest ways to involve everyone in the youth group in the game. The Yp simply says, “Turn to the person to your right or left and when I say ‘rock, paper, scissors, shoot’ then you throw your sign and whoever is the winner advances to the next round. Once the first round is done the players find another person in their section and play again with the YP starting the rounds at the same time. The game continues until there is one person from each section of seats or 2-4 people left. They are then brought up front and they are now the champ for their section and must help their section win the finale. Whoever is the last man standing their section is the winner. ITS simple I know, but try it with your teenagers and see if they don’t love it. Hype it up and its a blast. The entire game doesn’t last that long either. You can play multiple times.