Acts 14:20 “Howbeit, as the disciples stood round about him, he rose up, and came into the city: and the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.”

Determination is key to the Christian life.

There is an old saying: “Your determination is demonstrated by what it takes to stop you!” I believe that is a true statement. Paul the Apostle was a great example of Christian Determination. This was Paul’s first missionary trip and it went bad, really bad, like drag you out of town and kill you bad – and we would all agree that is BAD.

Paul and Barnabas were traveling from town to town preaching the gospel of good news – that people didn’t have to die and spend an eternity in Hell, but they could go to Heaven by faith in Jesus! They came to a town called Lystra and God did something wonderful. There was a crippled man who had never walked, and God healed him! The people were like “The gods have come to us!” However, there were some people who didn’t like Paul and Barnabas who had followed them from another town, and they convinced the whole town to turn on Paul and to kill him. Wow! You talk about a hard crowd: one day “you’re the gods!” the next day “your dead!”.

We get to this point and the Bible makes a simple statement about Paul “he rose up”. Not only did Paul rise up, but he went back into town and then he went to the next town to keep preaching Jesus. That is determination! Paul could have quit; most people would have. If he would have most of your New Testament wouldn’t be there. Thousands and Millions of people would never have heard the gospel and been saved. What will you allow to stop you from being and doing God’s will for your life? We will never accomplish God’s will in our lives if we let things distract and discourage us. Let’s be like Paul and Rise Up!

The next time you get knocked down in the Christian life, just decide to RISE UP again!

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Robert Pophal
Senior Pastor | Rose Park Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan