Ring the Broomstick


Toss the  coat hangers and try to land them around the broomstick

Items Needed

1 Broomstick Per Team

10-15 Plastic Coat Hangers Per Team


How to Play

Choose a player to be the “catcher” for the game. This person will stand 10 feet away from the line of players. The “catcher” will hold the broomstick with the handle sticking in the air.

Give each team 10-15 hangers. On the signal, the first person in each team will toss their hanger towards the “catcher” trying to ring the broomstick (with the LARGE portion of the hanger not the hook). For each “miss” have a game leader toss those hangers back to the line of players.

Play until the game time limit is expired or until a team lands all their hangers

The team with the most hanger on their broomstick wins!