Reverse Meme Scavenger Hunt


Take photos that illustrate the following statements. the team with the most points wins.

Items Needed:

  • Vehicles
  • List of Captions

How To Play:

Obey all speed limit and traffic laws. Teams are split up into as many vehicles as you need. Then each team is given the same list of captions. Their goal is to then go out and take a picture that you could put the caption to (ie – caption “The Breakfast of Champions” and the picture is of your team in the cereal isle of Kroger.) A team can not use the same location to take more than one picture. Teams may not use the internet. Teams also must return on time! They will be heavily penalized for every minute past the set cut off time. Once all the teams are in show the teens the pictures. One way to do this is create a cluster and have the teams send the photos in to that, or you can have them send them to you and make a slideshow. The teams are then ranked first second or third per caption ( ie if the caption was milk…Team ones pic was of the team with a milk jug, and team two is spilling a jug, and team three milking a cow. Team three should probably have gotten 1st place,with team 2 should get second probably, and team three should get 3rd.) The team with the most tallied points is the winner.

Here are some captions to be used…..

  1. “surely there could only be one thing had been there.”
  2. It was obvious to onlookers that this was going to end poorly
  3. Christmas police are on their way agian
  4. Breakfast of Champions
  5. I’m sure brother…(Your YPs name)’s… dream job


Caleb Young

Editor of YPLIFE