Restaurant Relay

1. Split kids up into groups of 4 or 5 depending on size of the group.
2. You have to make sure you have drivers for this activity like folks in the church or staff to drive.
3. You have to have 5 envelopes for each team and you have the teens bring 5 bucks. These envelopes have the restaurant’s on them like McDonald’s Burger King etc.
4. So each team has 5 restaurants to go to. The leader of the youth group has to make sure it organized in a way that not everyone is going to the same restaurant at the same time. So you have to alternate the envelopes in each group so they are no going to same places at same time.
5. Once everything is handed out to drivers and teams are picked. You then can let them loose. The goal of the game is to go to every restaurant pick some small meal and as a team eat that meal. I picked the meals when I did it and put it in the envelopes. They run in order and eat fast finish up get in the car and drive to next restaurant and repeat that process till they have finished all 5 restaurants. The first team back to the church wins and my wife and I had desert for the winners back at the church.

Dustin Wyatt | YP

Grace Baptist Church

Miami, Fl