Remember Now Thy Creator

Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…”

I really enjoyed my teen years! I went on all activities, was there when it was time for soul winning, always played basketball after church and really enjoyed my teen life all around. My teen years were not busy because I worked, had to pay bills or had many responsibilities that I have now, but I was mostly busy because I was involved with sports in school and I was active in my youth group. Ashamedly, I regret not having done one thing, which is the most important thing, I did not remember my Creator the way I should have remembered Him. I was so busy having my fun in life, even though it was not bad fun, I did not take the time I needed to remember the One who gave me all I had. I had to work really hard to make time for my devotions and prayer as I got older, because I had spent so much time having my own fun. Now as I am older and a youth pastor, I challenge my teens to learn to remember Him every day and to give Him their time. Teenagers, one day you will inherit many responsibilities and duties.You will have a family and a job. Your life will get busy. It is important that you learn to remember your Creator now while in the days of your youth so when you do get older and inherit many responsibilities, it won’t be hard for you to make time for Him. There are so many earthly things that can distract a young person from their fellowship with God. Now we have cell phones, ipads, game systems and we spend all day on those possessions, but lack to spend thirty minutes with our Creator. Remember NOW thy Creator, because one day you will wish you had remembered Him more. “By and by when I look on His face, I’ll wish I had given Him more.”

David Ortiz, Youth Pastor
Iglesia Bautista Fundamental
Lewisville, TX