Related Ministries

Related Ministries

Every Youth Pastor looks for a good Youth Conference where he can take his teens. One that is balanced between fun and preaching is the National Young Fundamentalists Conference (NYFC) This annual conference is held in March every year and is hosted by Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and Commonwealth Baptist College.

If you want a college to send your teenagers when they graduate, then you need to consider Commonwealth Baptist College. This is the college I graduated from, and this college has trained many young people to be better servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of the greatest decisions that are made in a young person's life are at camp. Circle C Baptist Ranch is a camp that will not only be beneficial to your youth groups spirit, but it will help your teenagers take the next step spiritually.

It seems that there is a plethora of material for the philosophies of the world and that there is so little material for Christian people. That is the reason that the Christian Growth Magazine is something that every Christian should receive. This Christian magazine has articles for everyone. If you do not receive the Christian Growth Magazine, I strongly encourage you to do so immediately.

Kentucky Young Fundamentalist is a group of churches that have come together to help each other with their teen departments. It is impossible to hold a youth rally for your teenagers every month due to time constraints and financial reasons. This is the reason that the KYF was formed so that teenagers could go to a youth rally every month and not one church has to carry the entire load.