Put Down Your Dukes

Mark 1:26 “And when the unclean spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice, he came out of him.”

In the Scripture reading, we have a story of a man who had an unclean spirit.  Jesus rebuked the spirit and told him to come out of the man.  The unclean spirit obeyed and came out of the man but not without a fight.  He tore him and cried with a loud voice.  In other words, the unclean spirit knew what he had to do, but fought tooth and nail not to do it.
Many times, a young person knows right from wrong.  They have been trained by their parents, they have been taught in a Sunday school class, they have sat under a godly preacher, they have attended conferences, they have been to youth camps, and they have a youth pastor who has poured his heart out to help them know right from wrong.  However, the sinful nature fights against the doing of right.  Our sinful nature rebels against authority and resists yielding control to God.  So, when it is time for preaching, time for teen activity, time for a conference, time for your devotions, time to make that decision for right, time to surrender, time to answer God’s call upon your life, you “put up your dukes” and resist the Holy Spirit of God.
Miserable is the person who is always fighting and resisting authority.  Miserable is the person who is always resisting God’s Spirit during the invitation.  Miserable is the Christian who “obeys” but not without letting everyone know how much they disagree with what they were told to do.  Miserable is the Christian who is fighting a battle they cannot win – the battle against God.  Put down your dukes and let God have His way in your life.

Pastor Morrello

-Pastor Dennis Morrello

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Huntington, WV