Purpose or Purposed


Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. This word “Purpose” means “A goal; an expected end.”

There is a purpose for your life. Everyone’s purpose is unique to them, but all of us should want to have a meaningful life! Young Person, Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us that there is a season to everything and a time to every purpose!

– The purpose of going to school is graduating and preparing for life. If there were not an end, you wouldn’t do it! That is why kids drop out, they lose sight of the purpose.
– The purpose of your eyeballs is to see. If you cannot see, you go find out what is wrong, because they are not fulfilling their purpose.
– The purpose of a book is to tell you a story or teach you something. A good book has a conclusion.
– The purpose of a maze is to go from start to finish.
– The purpose of a road is to go from Point A to Point B.
– Everything, and everyone, has a purpose. When someone loses sight of that purpose, it makes them depressed, angry, and sad. They lose their meaning of the value of their life!


Daniel 1:8 – “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat,”

The word “purposed” here means “to determine, to set, to direct”. In this verse Daniel had a goal (to do what was right), so he determined (purposed) that he would not defile himself! That is what you must do as a young person too! You must have purpose (goals), but then you must purpose to do what it takes to fulfill those dreams and goals!

Let’s use the previous illustrations to apply this principle:

– If the Purpose of going to school is to graduate and prepare for life, then you must Purpose in your heart that you will go to class, work hard, and learn!
– If the Purpose of your eyeballs is to see, and you do not see very well, then you need to go get glasses so your eyes can fulfill their purpose!
– The Book is not complete without the context of the middle pages.
– You must purpose to find your way through the maze.
– You must go the right direction on the road if you want to reach your destination!

You should be setting goals for your life! You should dream! You should want to do big things, and I hope that they are for God! You should want to achieve something, but you will never do it unless you PURPOSE in your heart to do whatever it takes in order to fulfill your goal! Let’s put PURPOSE to our PURPOSES!

James Young

YP | Open Door Baptist Church

Lima, OH