Practice is Cancelled

I Cor 9:24-26

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.

I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air:


May 7 2002 Allen Iverson conducted one of the most memorable press conferences in history… to this day, people still laugh at and quote his antics on that day…



This is what Paul is talking about in I Cor 9 when he says “one that beateth the air”. Paul is telling the Corinthian church that he lives his Christian life game on 100 %…

Paul was saying that life is not shadow boxing, he wasn’t sparring…

He was throwing punches to land punches, he was looking for the main event, he was pushing for the prize, he was in it to win it, life was not practice to Paul…

I think sometimes we develop an attitude like Iverson…   where we look at our lives right now as just Practice…

We hear preaching …..   Just Practice            In class….. Just Practice

We are given instruction / rebuke by staff …. Just Practice

We think College is Practice…                       We think being in our late teens and 20s is Practice…

We aren’t in the ministry yet, we aren’t married yet, we aren’t on staff yet… Just Practice…

We talking about Practice!   Not talking about Preaching, or a Position…. Talking about Practice!

Let me tell you something about Practice….


  1. In Practice We Shoot Softer

Half courts…   centers shooting 3s….     Just Practice…. Not a game… Just Practice…

I think this is how the Disciples viewed Children… when I read the gospels… they didn’t want the kids around Jesus, they couldn’t heal the boy,… I think maybe they thought the kids were Practice…

Matt 19:13-14     They didn’t want Jesus to be distracted by the children… they were Practice…

Mark 9 They cant heal the demonic boy… why? No faith! They didnt have the faith needed… it was just Practice!

If we are not careful, we will start to view our lives and our ministries like Practice…. When we get challenged, we start saying… man.. its just PRACTICE!

Soul Winning… just practice                    Those doors are just PRACTICE       Those Streets are just PRACTICE

Those souls are just PRACTICE                    Those hours are just PRACTICE        That witness is just PRACTICE…

Bro. Davis, we aint even talking about a staff postion…. We just talking about PRACTICE!

That Bus Route… just PRACTICE         Those Bus Kids… Just PRACTICE

We aint talking about real kids, we talking PRACTICE!

That Sunday School Class you teach or work in…. That Jr. Church…. JUST PRACTICE!

We aint talking about being the Pastor or the Pastors wife… Bro. Davis we just talking about PRACTICE!


  • That Job you work to pay your bills….. Just PRACTICE

You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to…


  1. At Practice We Dress Down

Ball practice… never wore uniform…. Wore sweats…. Why?   Its Just Practice!

  • Men:   Walk around in your hoodies,   don’t shave, and some of you are sitting there
  • sporting that metro sexual look…

I thought you were a Chrisitan!

Oh wait… this is just PRACTICE!   We talking about PRACTICE!

Not talking about on staff, assistant Pastor, or Pastor and we never will be…. . JUST PRACTICE!

  • Ladies: Length of your dress, the height of your top, the worldly look, the modesty questions…. sometimes its not wrong, but its so close to the line…

But Bro. Davis, its just PRACTICE!   Im not a Pastor’s wife… Im not married to a Preacher yet… You never will be!

its just PRACTICE!

  1. At Practice We Work on Weaknesses

Coach draws plays in practice… but we don’t work on them till game.

Coach teaches tips and tricks… but we don’t work on them till game.

Some of you have heard preaching this year on the same sins and struggles you have had since you were a teenager…

Why haven’t you grown? Why haven’t you made spiritual decisions?

Cause its just PRACTICE!   We just talking about PRACTICE!

I may struggle with Rock, Rap, Country Music….. But this is just PRACTICE…

I may struggle obeying the rules and respecting Authority… .But this is just PRACTICE…

I may sit by, talk to, text, have lunch with, date and fall in love with a new guy every week… But its just PRACTICE

I may sit by, talk to, text, have lunch with, date and flirt with a new girl every week… But its just PRACTICE


I may be unfriendly, rude, full of myself, mean, hateful, spiteful, and 2 faced…. But its just PRACTICE

I may not read by Bible….. but its just PRACTICE

I may not Pray every day and have a great relationship with God… but its just PRACTICE…

I may not be a soul winner with a desire to see people saved…. But its just PRACTICE….

I mean… Im not on staff, Im not a Pastor, Im not the Pastors wife…   its just PRACTICE

We talking about PRACTICE!


  1. Life Has No Practice, It is Game On 24/7

There is no redos, do overs, try agains, extra men, or reset buttons….

Paul said…. I run.. not as uncertainly…. Not beating the air….

Im not wasting my life… there is no Practice… . you are either winning or losing…

  1. There is No Practice in Preaching the Gospel – Bus Routes, SS Class, SW
  2. There is No Practice in Purity- Dress, Testimony, Couples
  3. There is No Practice in my Personal Walk with God-   Bible Reading, Prayer, HS


  1. Look at Your Life As Potential not Practice

You are in the game whether you like it or not….. YOURE ALIVE!


Its time to get with it, get on it, get to it, get going, get sowing, get growing, get knowing,

This isn’t a sparring session….

This isn’t shadow boxing…

This isn’t beating the air….


  1. Living Today will Determine How You are Living Tomorrow

I understand we are all growing… but we need to stop looking at our lives as if we are just PRACTICING…

This is it… This is the game… This is the main event….

If you aren’t walking with God, soul winning, living right here…. You WONT out there….

And decisions you make today, will shape your tomorrow….

Some of you are thinking….

Man… Bro. Davis… why getting so worked up…. Its just PRACTICE… I mean we talking about PRACTICE!

We not talking about the game…. We talking about PRACTICE!

And its you who need to decide to get real….



William Davis

William Davis

Assistant| Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church