Planting Corn 101

Numbers 32:23b “…and be sure your sin will find you out.”

The pastor of a church in Maine where I was youth pastor years ago tells this amusing story. When he was a young man he was taller than most of his friends and loved the game of basketball. One day his father asked him to plant corn our in the field. His father instructed him to plant a few seeds in each hole in many rows across the field. There he stood with a bag full of seeds and a huge field to be planted. Along came his friends begging and pleading him to come and play basketball down the street. His love for the game overcame his obedience to his father so he found a quick way to finish the job and get down to the basketball court. He dug a big hole and dumped all of the seeds in that one hole, carefully covering it over so dad would never know. He reasoned to himself that he would finish the job properly later. Well, as you might expect, he got too busy and later never came. Several weeks passed and his father walked with him out to the field to see how the corn was coming along. As they came around the bend to view the crop, there was an empty field, but over in the corner was a big huge bunch of corn stalks all in one massive spot tightly growing together. You can imagine his humiliation and embarrassment as his secret was now fully known.

This humorous story teaches exactly what verse 23 means, but in most cases in our lives it is usually not very funny when our sin comes to light. Most times it is painfully convicting to be brought to punishment by your own sinful actions. What is the best way as a young person to avoid this from happening? Be sure to obey completely every time any authority in your life gives you instruction. Do not try to cover over disobedience because it may grow up to be a huge stalk of humility.


Bro. Ed Schwarz

Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church

Commonwealth Baptist College