Pick a Lock


Be the first player to pick up all the keys using only a string and a paper clip.

Items Needed

1 String or Yarn Per Team (2 feet long)

1 Paper Clip Per Team

4 Keys Per Team

1 Small Table

How to Play: 

  1. Tie your string to the paper clip.
  2. Bend the open end of the paper clip out so it creates a hook.
  3. Lay the keys on the table edge with the “hole” of the key resting slightly off the table.

On the signal, the player tries to pick up all of their keys. They must do this while holding on to the string and try hooking the key with the paper clip. If a key falls to the ground, place it back on the table and try again. The first player or team done wins the game!


Youth Pastor| Parkside Baptist Church

Jonathan Wells