Pencil Partners


Be the first player to get five pencils in the five cups

Items Needed:

Two tables, 10 cups, a lot of pencils

How To Play: 

Five cups are lined up in a line across both of the tables. Both contestants are then handed 20 pencils. They must then get one pencil in all five cups.
The players must  set  their  pencils on the edge of the table and then must  flip the pencils into the cup by smacking the underside of the pencil that is hanging over the edge of the table. The player must get the pencil in the cup before they can move to the next cup. If the pencil does not go into the cup they can set the pencils on the edge of the table as before and try to flip it in again until he gets it into the cup. The first player to get a pencil in each cup is the winner.