Pass The Water


Get the Water into the bucket


  • Two buckets of water per team, Cups (pieces of gutter)

How to Play:

Each team gets two buckets. Teams are to line up shoulder to shoulder. One bucket is full and starts at the front of the line and the other bucket is empty at the end of the line. The player at the front must dip his cup in the full bucket and the pour that water from his cup into the next players cup. Player 2 must then pour his cup of water into the next players cup. This continues down the line until it reaches the last player who must then dump the cup of water into the empty bucket. The team with the most water in the bucket at the end of the time limit is the winner.

You can use small 1 foot pieces of gutter to transfer the water from the first person who still has a cup to scoop all the way to the last player who has a pipe also and must direct the water into the bucket. Buckets have to stay on the ground and the gutter pieces cant touch the bucket.

Another way to play with cups is have the players lined up single file back to back. They must then transfer the water over their head into the person behind thems cup, but the person pouring must not turn around. The player pouring must lift the cup over his head and then pour it into the next players cup. Its up to the player with the empty cup to make sure the one who’s pouring makes it into the cup.