Paper Bag Lineup

Objective : 

Be the team to accomplish all the tasks that the game host requires in the fastest time.

Items Needed :

 5-15 Paper Lawn Bags ( I encourage you after you are done with the game to just fold them back up and use them again )

How to Play: 

Have a team of five to fifteen people come up to the front of the class. Each contestant receives a paper bag and places it on his head. The Game host will then ask them to line up in a certain order, (ie: Shortest to tallest, Alphabetical order, Small to large shoe size, darkest hair to lightest, longest hair to shortest, oldest to youngest, etc.). Once the team is set to their liking they must declare finished. Then they will remove the bags and you can check if they were right or how close they were. Record their time then have the other team do the same stuff. obviously this must be a team of guys vs a team of girls not guys and girls on the same team. Paper bag lineup doesn’t involve much setup or supplies, yet it is a fantastic game for any age group. This game gets the youth group to know one another better and teaches them to work as a team while having fun.