Though times are currently difficult, and big summer events are approaching for your youth department, here’s an easy way to raise money for your teens. 

Being a camp director, I’ve learned to get creative in the ways we raise money. While I could easily plan a fundraiser a week or two down the road, here’s one that teens can do on their own time. Especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Listed below is a Publisher file of the forms for this project.

Supplies needed:

  • A supply of Manila Clasp Envelopes 
  • Tape
  • Printer
  • Due Date

With the clasp envelopes, you can attach the following PDF files of donation and Thank You forms. 

As you can see, the donation form has a grid of donation amounts listed from $1-$16. (The reason for that, is because it will total the amount we charge to attend our Summer Youth Camp – if you’re confused already, you’ll understand shortly.)

The teen’s only objective is to go to family members, friends, neighbors, etc., and collect donations for their trip to camp (Or whatever event you are planning). 

When they receive a $1 donation, they can cross off the $1 box on the grid. When they receive an $8 donation, they can cross off the $8 box on the grid. And so on and so forth all the way to the $16 box. 

Once all boxes are marked off, they will have then raised their entire trip amount to camp. 

Encourage teens not only to collect donations, but to work for them. They can mow someone’s yard for $15, and then they can check that box off! They can babysit one night for $20, and then cross off the $14 box and the $6 box. 

This helped our youth group in raising funds for camp last year, and quiet a few raised their entire trip. No hassle for me as the YP, I just had to check in with them to make sure they were trying their best, and collecting money. 

Set a due date for all folders to be turned in, and whatever each teen turns in will go towards their trip. Even if they don’t raise the entire amount. 

And of course, after camp, they can follow along their Collection form and write Thank You notes to all their contributors that helped support their way to camp! 

Hope this helps!

Nathan Pitts | Youth Pastor

Riverland Baptist Church

Dunnellon, Florida

Riverland Baptist