Not Just The Absence Of Bad

Matthew 12:44 “Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.”
       In our Scripture reading, Jesus tells of a man who had been set free from an unclean spirit. Upon being freed from this unclean spirit, this man cleaned up his life. He swept all the “dirt” out of his life. He garnished his life with things that made him look clean. “Out with the old!” was his motto. He was free and he wanted to be clean. However, this unclean spirit searched for another place to go, but found none. So he decided to see what was going on in his old house. When he pulled up to the house, he noticed that the grass was nicely trimmed, a fresh coat of paint had just been applied to the outside of the old house, and beautiful landscaping adorned the front entrance. As he opened the door, he noticed all the trash had been swept out, curtains were hung and the decorations were superb. It was a completely different than before. This house had it all, but this house was empty. The unclean spirit went and found more evil spirits and the evil lot took up residence in the old, cleaned-up house. Thus the latter end of the house was worse than the first. What happened? The man cleaned all the bad things out of his life, but didn’t fill it with anything that was good. In doing so, he left a void that needed to be filled. As you grow as a Christian, it is not just the absence of bad things in your life that matters, it is also the presence of good, godly, holy and wholesome things that matter. Grow in grace by getting rid of the bad, sinful things in your life, but remember to fill that void with godly things. If you give up your bad music, replace it with good Christian music. If you give up your bad friends, replace them with wholesome, godly friends. If you don’t fill your life with good, Satan will fill it with bad.

Pastor Dennis Morrello

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Huntington, WV