Next Level Youth Ministry

Most Sunday School Teachers think that they only have 30 minutes with their class every week. Most will tell you that their responsibilities stop there. What most teachers don’t know is that you can have an impact on your class beyond Sunday Morning. Here are some simple steps you can take, to encourage, edify, and exhort your class throughout the week.

1.Send them a Handwritten note

Three lines on a postcard can do wonders for a student. A few words of encouragement will let them know that you are thinking about them. Write them a note at least once a month. You could write for birthdays, when they learn their verse, or when they do something for the Lord.

2.Know them

Forgetting their name every Sunday will definitely discourage them. If you know their interests you can relate with them. If you don’t know what to say then talk about them; people like to talk about themselves. If you are still asking how their week was every Sunday, then you do not know your students enough.

3.Tell them three things during class.

  1. Tell them that you love them.
  2. Tell them that you pray for them every day.
  3. Tell them that you are Excited about next week’s lesson.
  4. Give them a preview of what is to come for next week.

4.Spend time with them, during the week.

Take them to lunch or just come by there house. You have to make time for others to show that you care about their lives. You don’t even have to talk about Sunday School. If you will make the extra effort to show up in their lives, they will show up for Sunday.

5· Put something in their Hand

May it be notes from the lesson or a flyer for an upcoming event, it is worth the time. A simple half page of 8 x 11 copy paper with something about your lesson will do. They may never look at more than once, but they will have a constant reminder with them of your Sunday School class.

6· Ask them if their Saved

If you want to make an impact beyond Sunday Morning, then care enough for them, by asking if they are going to Heaven. You may present the gospel during class publicly, but ask them one on one. Make the impact of life by showing them Jesus.

Larkin Jackson

Youth Pastor

Southshore Baptist | Metaire, LA