In this story David desired to bring the ark of the Lord into Jerusalem. The ark In this story David desired to bring the ark of the Lord into Jerusalem. The ark was the literal presence of God. There will come a time that you will want to have the literal presence of God in your life. When that day comes, there will be those who will be critical of what you do as you become excited for the things of God. The top four things that excite me are souls saved, lives changed, God’s work progressing, and a spirit of revival.  These four things excite me because when souls are saved, people are not going to hell. When lives are changed I see teenagers transformed into better people. The reason I get excited when God’s work progresses is it results in more busses on the road, more maintenance on the building, and a need for more space. These are signs that the church is growing. Lastly, a spirit of revival is an atmosphere that the people of God produce when they are right with God. That excites me because I know it is an atmosphere where God can do something. There will always be critics of these things. They will criticize, hindering souls from being saved. They will criticize a person trying to better their life. There will be those who will always find something wrong with the new bus, the new tile, or the new Sunday school class. Finally, there will always be those who are critical of a spirit of revival. I personally think the main reason so many oppose this is because they, in their carnality, will no longer fit in and they will do what it takes to continue their popularity.  Do you know what you do in the face of critics who would like to see you sell out your excitement for these things? It is simple. You keep soul winning, keep working on people, keep working on the building projects, and keep striving for revival. Most importantly, do it with a smile.

-Bro. Andy Sampson | Youth Pastor

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Huntington, WV