Moses’ Response

Numbers 7:89 “And when Moses was gone into the tabernacle of the congregation to speak with him, then he heard the voice of one speaking unto him from off the mercy seat that was upon the ark of testimony, from between the two cherubims: and he spake unto him.”

Although all of the Bible is essential and necessary, if we were honest the book of Numbers would not be one of our top five favorite books in the Bible. However, if we take time to study and try to learn what God is trying to teach us we can gather great truths from this book. As I was reading the book of Numbers the other day, the Lord allowed this verse and the next chapter to stand out to me. Moses was entering the tabernacle to speak to the Lord, when all of a sudden the Lord decides to speak to Moses. Much could be preached about that simple thought right there – being faithful to talk to Him in prayer because you never know when He will decide to speak to you. – being in the place where you can even hear God speak, and many others.

However I want to point out several simple truth’s that I noticed about Moses’ response when God spoke to Him.

1. He Listened – Vs. 1-3

Several times we see the common phrase “As the Lord commanded Moses..” Moses knew what it meant to shut his mouth and listen when God spoke to Him. Can that be said about you? Many times we are the ones doing all the talking instead of simply listening for the voice of God.

2. He Learned

All through chapter 8 as the Lord is speaking to Moses and giving him instruction, Moses learned to do exactly what the Lord wanted him to do. He did not have his own agenda – He simply learned to obey God in everything.

3. He Longed to do right

Moses had a desire to do God’s will God’s way. He longed to get it right.

4. He Led others to follow – Chap. 9: 8-23

As God spoke to Moses, he then led others to follow God’s commands. We all have an influence – are you influencing your peers / followers to follow after God?

5. He Lived it

Moses is one of the only men in the Bible that has seen a part of God. God allowed him to see His hinder parts. Moses lived for God! It was not just something he did – it was his life. He had a desire to hear God, but also to know Him more and more each day. We should follow Moses’ example of what to do when God speaks. We should listen, learn, long, lead, and live. God is speaking – can you hear Him?

Johnathan Roberson

YP | First Baptist Church

Clinton, Illinois