Marshmallow Madness Activity

This Game is great for any time frame. I recommend two hours if you plan on giving a devotional and/or serving food (teens always love snacks). Divide everyone up into two teams. This activity works better as co-ed teams than guys vs girls (There is no game listed that requires physical contact, but I do find it’s harder to get young ladies to compete in some of these activities).

-Give out points to the team when they win a game. Use your own discretion on how many points to give out per activity. The team with the most points at the end of the night gets a prize. HAVE FUN! Your teens will only be as excited as you are!

1. Fluffy Bunny

a. Shove as many marshmallows as possible into your mouth and still be able to clearly say “Fluffy Bunny” or whatever phrase you choose. I make them my teens say “Open Door Baptist Youth Group”.

2. Marshmallow Battleship

a. Put a wall in the middle of the two teams (A moving divider or chalkboard works great). Have players arrange chairs on each side. The teams take turns lobbing marshmallows over the wall. No one can move from their chair unless they are hit by a marshmallow. Last team standing wins.

3. Marshmallow Catch

a. Two on Two. Goal is to see who can catch the most marshmallow in their mouth. You can either do it by timing to see who gets the most or by elimination (first one to miss).

4. Marshmallow Stack

a. 30 seconds to build the tallest Marshmallow structure. Use toothpicks. Make emphasis on making it tall. It must be freestanding at the end of the timer.

5. Mallow in the Haystack

a. Set bowls of whip cream out each containing one marshmallow. First one to find the marshmallow in the whipped cream wins. No hands allowed.

6. Hot Marshmallows

a. Timer runs and the marsh mallows are thrown from side to side. The side with the most when the time stops loses.

7. Marshmallow Shoot

a. Knock cups over from distance with a marshmallow gun. Set five or six cups up and give them a time limit.

8. Marshmallow Transfer

a. Siphon marshmallows with a straw from one bowl to the other. The one with the most wins!

Items Needed:

– 4 mini and 6 regular Marshmallow Bags (Or however much you want!) Toothpicks. Whipped cream (At least 4 Containers). Plastic Straws. Paper Bowls. Marshmallow Guns. Plastic Cups.

– Prizes (One for the Fluffy Bunny Champion and a general prize for the winning team.)

James Young

YP | Open Door Baptist Church

Lima, OH