Man of Valor

1Chronicles 12:28 “And Zadok, a young man mighty of valour, and of his father’s house twenty and two captains.”

The word valor, spelled valour in the King James Bible, appears some 37
times and it only and always applies to men. That is interesting! What that means, young man, is that God is very interested in you having valor as a part of your character. Valor means strength of mind, courage in the face of danger, or personal bravery. It takes a brave young man to really take a stand for Jesus Christ today. Anyone can fake being spiritual in their youth group or in their Christian school but it takes a real man of valor to be true to God and what is right in the mall, on Facebook, or in private. In war, a soldier stands out from his peers by displaying uncommon valor in a time of great conflict. Young men can I say to you that you are in a war right now; it is a spiritual war for the control of your heart and mind. All around you the battle is raging.

Satan is leading the attack against every young person who believes in Christ and is taking a stand for Him. You are being bombarded with porn, cursing, images of immoral sex, rebellion and so much more. It’s time for some young Christian men to rise up and display some uncommon valor among their peers. To stand up without mom and dad, without the preacher or youth pastor around and say to his buddies that he is not going down the devil’s road. That he is not giving in, that he is not surrendering his eyes to the devil’s images, his hears to the devil’s music, nor his body to the devil’s will. Where are you young man of valor? You may be scared, you may be the only one, but STAND for Jesus Christ!


Robert Pophal

Associate | Youth Pastor

Open Door Baptist Church

Lima, Ohio