Levels of Gratitude

More than likely you have played some kind of video game. You might participate in a very casual manner or consider yourself a fanatic “Gamer.” Regardless of the game, everyone starts off the same, then after reaching a certain amount of points or achieving the designated goals you are promoted to a new level of higher competition with more points to obtain and more prizes to cease. This structured hierarchy of progress is known as “levelling up.” When a player does reach the next level, they are generally rewarded with a stronger character that has new features or capabilities so as to help you reach the next level. As our Scripture text admonishes every Christian to “add to your faith” God is telling us in modern terms to “Level Up” in our Christian life! Let’s consider some levels of gratitude.

Level 1 is Ingratitude or Being Ungrateful or not being thankful at all.

In Romans 1:21 we read, “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful…” Ingratitude is the first step downward after refusing to live your life to the glory of God. Ingratitude is also a step toward Sodomy. Romans 1:24-28 goes on to say that these Bible rejecters go “against nature” as “men with men” and women with women in relationships that are contrary to what God intended. Ingratitude is the first step toward gender identity problems. Be grateful for whatever gender God has made you. If you are a male, be thankful to God that He made you a male. If you are a female, be thankful to God that He made you a female. Be the best you can be of whatever gender God has made you, no matter how many people you encounter that are ungrateful for how God made them.

Level 2 is Grateful for what you Enjoy.

In John 6:24-27, Jesus pointed out to this crowd of followers that they were glad to follow Him, only because He had fed them so well.

Level 3 is Giving Thanks “in all things” I Thes. 5:18.

This is being grateful for certain things in life, even though your life may not be going so well.

Level 4 is “Giving thanks… for all things. ” Eph. 5:20B.

This is actually being thankful for the difficulties that come your way. This can be accomplished when we believe Romans 8:28.

Level 5 is “Giving thanks always for all things” Eph. 5:20A.

David said, “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth” Psa. 34:1. Gratitude is perhaps the greatest deterrent to a complaining attitude. Gratitude is one of the greatest factors for staying faithful to the Lord. What level of gratitude have you made it to?

Take the challenge to “Level Up” in the area of Gratitude.

Pastor Dean DeMaris, Bible Baptist Church, Hazard, KY