“Keeping Open Lines of Communication With Your Teenagers’ Parents”


-The child’s upbringing in all areas rests on the shoulders of the dad!

  1. Communicate With Parents as a Group- Wise to have a meeting (“Hearts United”)

-Don’t bark at them/ Don’t teach them how to rear their kids/ Don’t rebuke them

  1. Be prepared to doubt yourself (II Tim 1:7)
  2. Have a spirit of humility
  3. Talk to your pastor about a subject you want to speak on
  4. Always run your outline and content by your pastor
  5. Share your heart
  6. Promote upcoming BIG activities and enlist the parents to help get the teens excited
  7. Get your parents as much info as possible about upcoming events
  8. Take prayer requests about teens
  9. Be careful of illustrations that you use
  10. Involve “non-Christian school” parents (public school/home school)

*you don’t want the teens to always cringe when you have a meeting. Sometimes you may want to ask the parents to wait a little while before dealing with a specific issue.

  1. Communicate Individually
    1. Never promise teens you’ll keep secrets
    2. Avoid one themed communication- not just problems but also progress
    3. Alert them to problems your seeing

“Whoever praises the child, controls the child.”

Pastor Terry Anglea

Faith Baptist Church | Bourbonnais, Il.





Pastor Terry Anglea