Keep Your Dog Tags


Be the last team with Dog Tags


  • Yarn, small blade\or hot glue, alka seltzer tablets, 4 trash cans, water, solo cups

How to Play:

To set up this game either poke holes in all the alka-seltzers  to string the yarn through or you can hot glue the yarn to the alka-seltzer which is what we did. Each contestant is then given one dog tag (alka-seltzers tablet on the yarn) put place on the outside of their shirt. They are also given a solo cup which is their weapon. Separate into two or four teams. The teams then try to destroy all the other teams alka-seltzer tablets by splashing water on them with the cups. They can keep refilling their cups at the trash cans that are full of water at their home base. The game ends when the time runs out or all of one team’s alka-seltzer dog tags have been dissolved. Once a players tags have been dissolved he is out for the rest of the round.