Keep Shooting Arrows

II Chron 18:33-34
And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness: therefore he said to his chariot man, Turn thine hand, that thou mayest carry me out of the host; for I am wounded.
And the battle increased that day: howbeit the king of Israel stayed himself up in his chariot against the Syrians until the even: and about the time of the sun going down he died.

A man in the midst of the battle draws his bow at a venture. (Chance, that which is not foreseen). He had no idea where he was shooting. He was just shooting into the crowd hoping to make a difference in the battle.

This bowman wins the battle and never even knew it. He probably goes home and his son asks him, “How did it go today dad? Did you kill anybody? Nope son. I didn’t hit one target; I just shot a bunch of arrows. Unknowingly he had slain the wicked king.

I wonder how many spiritual arrows we have shot over the years and never knew the mark they hit.
We often forget in our service for the Lord that we walk by faith not by sight. (II Cor 5:7)
Without that faith it’s impossible to please God. (Heb 11:6)

It’s like that lady in the store who was staring at this man and finally he asks her if everything was all right. She said yes. You just remind me someone. Who, he asked. My third husband she said. OHH he said. How many husbands have you had? 2 she said. …….. Now that’s faith.

This bowman was unnamed, involved, unafraid, unrewarded, and he never knew where his arrows were landing, but he kept on shooting them. Let me illustrate for a minute.

I. We Should Shoot Our Arrows

I think of missionary Bobby Bonner to Zambia. The former MLB baseball player has started 300 churches. He went into a village preaching the same thing we preach. He taught on the King James Bible. The chief of the village got saved. That chief was so excited about the Bible; he named his first son Textus Receptus. Then his second son, he named King James. He goes around saying, I love that little King James Version.

You probably didn’t know him. That’s ok. He is just a bowman. He is just shooting arrows in Africa. He is just winning souls and changing lives in villages all over a continent. One arrow at a time.

II. No One Knows How Many Arrows We Have

This bowman didn’t know when he would reach back in the quiver and pull out his last arrow. But that day would come. One day his final arrow would be shot. Sometimes we think we have forever to shoot our arrows, but we don’t.
None of us know how many we have left.

Tyler Wilkerson 17 Pastor’s son bus worker. Bowman. Shot his last arrow last year.
Cassie Bernoll Columbine High School. Bowman. Shot her last arrow on the floor of that school.
Henry Martin 21 David Brainard 29 William Borden 25
John Harper 40 Pastor on Titanic that shared gospel as ship went down. Shot arrows as his body froze and he drowned.
D L Moody 58 Great preacher, pioneer in SS ministry, One day shot his last arrow.
John the Baptist His ministry lasted 1 year. He baptized Jesus, got locked up and it wasn’t long and he was dead. 1 year.
David Livingstone 62. Bowman. Buried in West Minster Abby. Darwin. There is No God? Tract Upside Down.

We never know how many arrows we have left.

III. No One Knows Where The Arrows Will Go

When That Bowman pulled back and shot that arrow, he had no idea where it would go. The Bible says he drew the bow at a venture. It was at a chance or an unforeseen target.

He is a missionary to Africa, he visited a village where there was no church and no missionary had ever been. He arrived and the chief of the village met him and said “Come meet our pastor”. Puzzled, Bro. Stancis asked the chief, Pastor? I didn’t think you had a pastor, who is your pastor? Our pastor is Brian Stancis the chief said. What!!! Said Bro. Stancis. I am Brian Stancis. Come see our church, said the chief. Church? How do you have a church? The chief lead Bro. Stancis to a grass hut and in the center of the hut was a stump with a radio on it. The chief told Bro. Stancis how the whole village had gotten saved listening to the radio church service of Brian Stancis. Amazing isn’t it.
Who paid for the radio station in Africa? A small church in the United States with a missions budget.
A church of bowman that shoot their arrows every week.

A 15 year old girl was working as a waitress. In her tips, she finds a tract. She reads that tract and gets saved. Who is she?
She is a pastors wife. Who gave the tract? A bowman that shot some arrows.

A 2nd grade girl is sitting on a curb outside her inner city apartment complex. Some ladies invite her to ride the bus to church, she does, she gets saved, she goes to the Christian School, she goes to Bible College, she is now a youth pastors wife.
What happened? Some bowman shot some arrows on a bus route not knowing where they would land.
They put some time in, work in, love in, not knowing what would happen.

Great preacher and pastor of the great Forest Hills Baptist Church in Decatur GA. One of the greatest soul winners that ever lived. He was giving an invitation on Sunday morning. A lady comes forward and says she got saved this week and wants to make it public. PTL. Who led you to the Lord? You did. I have never met you, I couldn’t have… You did.
I think you have me mixed up with someone else… nope it was you. Were you in a hard ware store this week?
Yes, but I didn’t see you. I know you didn’t but did you lead a man to the Lord in one of the aisles? Yes, but he wasn’t you. I know that. But when he prayed, I prayed. You lead me to Christ.
What happened? A soul winner shot some arrows in a store. He gave the gospel not knowing to whom all he gave it to.

I wonder tonight church, how many times we have told someone, helped someone, gave to someone, loved someone, ran the bus, taught the class, knocked the door, left a tract, and think sometime it’s all in vain. Nothing happened.
Just keep shooting arrows. You never know where those arrows will hit.

Bro. Hyles
There was a faithful SS teacher; a poor boy came to her class. His dad was a drunk, his family poor. The boy came to SS one day barefoot. He looked up at the teacher and asked her Do you think God loves me as much as he loves boys with shoes. The teacher said, I think he loves you more Jackie Boy. Her name was Mrs. Bethel; she was Jack Hyles Sunday School Teacher.
She didn’t know he would grow up to be a great preacher, built a great church. She was just a SS teacher shooting arrows.

There was another SS teacher Daisy Hawes, after class one Sunday she led a 9 year old boy to the Lord. His name was Lee Roberson. He is one of our Preacher’s heroes. Where did he come from? He came from a SS teacher that was shooting arrows in her class.

There was a country preacher who ran a bus up the country hills and hollers of Harlan County. He came to the house of a drunkard and picked up some boys on a bus. He went back and won to Christ the grandma, grandpa, the dad, the aunts, the uncles, the cousins, and a little boy. On one day that little country church baptized the boy, his dad and his grandpa, 3 generations in one day. That little bus kid was me.

I don’t know if he knew there was a preacher in that house or on his bus, probably not. He was shooting arrows in down every lane, in every trailer court, and all over his bus route. He was just shooting arrows.

There was a shoe salesman who was also a Sunday School Teacher. He led to the Lord – D.L. Moody
D L Moody with just an 8th grade education and quiver of arrows influenced R A Torrey
R A Torrey was a SW, preacher. He led to the Lord ____J Wilbur Chapman
J Wilbur Chapman led to the Lord——Billy Sunday
Billy Sunday led to the Lord—- Mordecai Ham
Mordecai Ham led to the Lord a fellow by the name of William Graham. Billy Graham.
Billy Graham was preaching one day and lead to the Lord —– Troy Young.

150 years ago a shoe selling, Sunday School teacher who shot some arrows on the streets of Chicago affected our church.
How? He shot some arrows.

I. We Should Shoot Our Arrows
II. No One Knows How Many Arrows We Have
III. No One Knows Where The Arrows Will Go

IV. Keep Shooting Arrows

There are times we get tired. Times we get weary. Times we get tedious. Times we get hurt. Times we feel like we aren’t making a difference. Times we feel like we are wasting our time, life, money, love, ability.

This man in Chronicles may have shot hundreds of arrows that failed. He may have gone to battle every day before this day and shot arrows into to wind and walked away feeling like a waste and a failure.
But he kept shooting his arrows. He kept shooting them.

1 More Story…

A preacher was preaching a revival in England and after the service he asked for testimonies. A couple stood up and gave testimony that 30 years ago on vacation in Australia they were walking down the street and a man tapped them on the shoulder, gave them a gospel tract and said… This will tell you how you can go to Heaven. We took it home read it and got Born Again.

Preacher was preaching in Scotland and after the service he asked for testimonies. A lady stands up and says; several years ago I took a cruise and was ported in Australia. While walking on the shore, an old man tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a gospel tract and said… This will tell you how you can go to Heaven. I took it, read it and got saved.

The preacher was preaching in Europe and after the service he asked for testimonies and a Hindu man stands up. He said my government sent me to Australia on business. As I was boarding the ship to return to my country, an old man tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a gospel tract and said this will tell you how you can go to Heaven. I took it read it and got saved.

This preacher was amazed. He decided to go to Australia to find this man. He spent 10 days in Australia searching for this old man. The pastor was walking around asking have you seen. Do you know? Can you tell me?

The preacher was discouraged. He packed up and prepared to leave. As he was about to step on his bus, an old, wrinkled hand gently tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw an old, stooping man. The old man gave him a gospel tract and said, This will tell you how you can go to Heaven.

YOU! The preacher screamed. I’ve been looking for you for 10 days. I’m a well known preacher in England and I have found your converts everywhere I have preached. You are the greatest soul winner in the world.

The old man began weeping. He said, I’ve been doing this for 35 years. I’ve never seen anyone saved. I didn’t know if it was doing any good.

He kept shooting his arrows.

I’m talking to some moms tonight who are doing the best you can, and don’t know if you’re doing any good.
I’m talking to some dads, grandmas, grandpas who are pouring your hearts into your families and wondering.

I’m talking to Sunday School Teachers who are praying, studying, loving, visiting, teaching, and yet wondering if you are making a difference.
I’m talking to Bus Workers / Van Workers who are visiting, working, sacrificing, loving and sometimes not seeing any results.

I’m talking to church members who are faithful, who give, sing, say amen, serve and yet sometimes get weary.
I’m talking to soul winners who go and witness, and have people saved, get promises, get stood up,

This man shot his arrow and killed the wicked king, but never even knew it.

I. We Should Shoot Our Arrows
II. No One Knows How Many Arrows We Have
III. No One Knows Where The Arrows Will Go
IV. Keep Shooting Arrows

William Davis

William Davis

Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church