Keep an Open line of communication with your teens

-We wait too long to start talking to teenagers. Don’t wait until they are juniors and seniors!Don’t Fake Interest!!!!Don’t take it for granted that someone is telling them they love them


  1. Care– Tell your teens you love them
  2. Concern– SHOW your teens you love them
  3. Consistency
    1. In your walk with God
    2. In your marriage
    3. In your ministry- STAY
  4. Cost– time, money, sleep, nerves…
  1. Start “the conversation” in junior high
  2. Talk about what they want to talk about
  • Make it fluid… don’t corner them
  • Learn how to ask good questions-favorite snack, drink, thing to do, activity, service/ when were you saved/ how often do you fight with your parents/ do your parents help you spiritually/ rate your spirituality/ #1 daily struggle/ biggest influence for good/ drugs/ pure/ pornograghy
  1. Visit teens at home, even church teens
  2. Make sure your teens know you and your wife are a team.

-Don’t have any special/pet relationships..

Brian Bussey | Pastor

Durbin Independent Baptist Church

Cattlesburg, KY