Jump in Jonah, the Water is Fine

Jonah 1:15 “So they took up Jonah, and cast him forth into the sea: and the sea ceased from her raging.”

Many young people pray for and are searching to do God’s will in their
lives. Yet others know what God’s will is and are instead running to do their own will. Jonah was the latter. He was given a clear, direct calling from God and decided he would go the opposite direction. There are many young people that cross my mind when I read of Jonah. Young people who knew but didn’t want to do. Instead of searching for God’s will, they sought for the opportunity to sail away from the scene of serving the Lord.

You know the “Jonah” type. Their backsliding does not begin in happening, but rather in heart. They are not involved in gross sin, but rather in a grossly darkened heart. This type of spiritual decline is never fixed by getting in trouble at school or being grounded at home. The only way a “Jonah” can be retrieved is by broken repentance and a humble return.

If you are reading this and you are a “Jonah” or have been thinking of taking a trip to Tarsus, just know that even in the whale’s belly, Jonah had not gone too far to remember where he was supposed to be. Hope was alive even in the bottom of that fish. God still has a plan for you. There is still a Ninevah waiting for you. God still loves you and wants to use you. Jump in Jonah, the water is fine.

William Davis

Youth Pastor | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church